Stoneware Globe Planter

Stoneware Globe Planter
Brand: Little Brick House Ceramics
Size: One Size
26 GBP
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A hand formed Ceramic globe planter. These handmade globe planters have been textured with fabric, fossils and grit to create the textured surface. Each one is individually made and has its own unique characteristics. Perfect for planting up herbs or succulents and are the perfecrt size to sit on a window ledge.Designed to hold small plants these planters are now made with drainage holes, or you can request one without a drainage hole and instead you can use a grit or pebble base as a bed for your succulents.Make perfect little gifts for plant enthusiasts and may be used for exterior use aswel. Due to their high firing they may be placed outside and will withstand lower temperatures without damage. Two sizes available to choose from at checkout. earthstone clayThe planter can be cleaned with warm soapy water when neccesary.