Spell Bag - Happiness

Spell Bag - Happiness
Brand: Etsy - MooncraftmagickStore
Color: Green
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Charged with the energies of carefully selected herbs, this spell bag for happiness will provide you with positive vibrations to promote a good mood. Filled with dried, calming Lavender, this herb helps to imbue positivity & combat stress. Rosemary complements its companion by providing protection from low energies. Thyme, known for improving sleep, helps to heal emotional stress & is good for mental well being. Saffron, known for cleansing, healing & magick, is effective for promoting happiness. Cinnamon, with its warm aroma, brings good luck & boots the energies of the other herbs with which it is paired. Sage, known for its cleansing properties, enhances the positive properties of its herb companions, & provides healing to promote positive mental well being. A hand painted river stone, charged with the healing energies of water & a full moon, is included in this spell bag. Its powerful Zen symbol is specifically for happiness & will imbue you with positive energy. Complete with a Tibetan Silver Sun Charm to provide light & harmony, this unique spell bag can be carried about your person or placed in any room of your home to encourage happiness. Bag measures approximately 9cmx7cm & will be either green or brown in colour. Sun Charm may differ from one pictured. Please note that this is a magickal aid & should complement, rather than replace, any medical treatment/advice. Spell Bag - Happiness