Sow And Co Grow Kits Chilli, Bonsai, Herbs Or Cactus

Sow And Co Grow Kits Chilli, Bonsai, Herbs Or Cactus
Brand: Gift Republic
Size: One Size
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Sow & Co eco-friendly grow kits uses sustainable and biodegradeable materials to reduce plastic waste. This kit includes everything needed to grow these plants. Inside these kits you will find everything that you need to start growing and nurturing your own plants and vegetables. The biodegradable planter makes it easy to move the plants outside if you wish, without worrying about creating any unnecessary waste. Place them in the perfect spot to brighten up any room. Choose between cactus, bonsai trees, chilli, wild flowers and herbs.The pack includes seeds packets, 1x biodegradable planter, 6x coir discs (expands when watered), 4x wooden plant markers and instructions.Germination time might vary, folow the instructions in each pack to achieve the best results. Chilli Plants GR850018Bonsai Trees GR850016Cactus Plant GR850017Herb Garden GR850019Save the Bees GR850020 Recycled paper, carbon captured paper