Solid Silver Whale Dangle Earrings, 925 Silver, Humpback Whale, Grey Right Made in Italy. Spirit Medicine, Totem

Solid Silver Whale Dangle Earrings, 925 Silver, Humpback Whale, Grey Right Made in Italy. Spirit Medicine, Totem
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Color: Silver
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Solid Silver Whale Dangle Earrings, 925 Silver, Humpback Whale, Grey Whale, Right Whale, Made in Italy. Without too much pomp + circumstance I’ll just go on record right here that Whale is my main Animal Spirit Ally. Not only do I engage on the daily with Grandmother Whale who travels with me, I’ve had the great bliss to swim with these magnificent Beings in the wild in the Kingdom of Tonga, in addition to leading Whale Expeditions to the Sacred Birthing Lagoons of the Grey Whales in Baja California, Mexico. Whale Spirit is unceasingly important to & for me. So - you can imagine my delight when coming across these gems. Made by an Italian Artisan from a co-op I purchase from, these two Whales have a beautiful weight + demeanor. I did my best to capture this in the photos, so I hope you can feel them. Because they are made of solid silver & are silver in color, they feel to be an homage to both the Grey Whale & the Humpback. Though for sure, they honor + celebrate the deep, abiding Wisdom & Medicine of Whale Spirit. Notes: This item has been evaluated & verified by a GIA Graduate Gemologist. All diamond & gemstone grading is done under GIA standards as the mounting permits, where gemstones are present; where mountings impede accurate measurements, (estimated) dimensions are provided. All weights & measurements are estimated & approximate. Industry standard & accepted treatments for gemstones are assumed unless otherwise noted. Pre-owned jewelry may contain minor markings/imperfections throughout. While we represent items accurately to the best of our ability, the color calibration of computer monitors can vary, causing colors to appear slightly different from one monitor to another. Due to this, please note that precise color representation of metal & gemstones is not always possible. Notable Properties Include: Whale Spirit Medicine: Whale Spirit is Keeper of the Sacred Sound & also the Akashic Records - all that has ever been. in my native lineage, their Wisdom resides in the Direction of West on the Medicine Wheel, with an enduring invitation to turn within to the Inner Cosmos of the One, the Great I Am that is everywhere present. Whale is the world’s largest mammal & teaches lessons in vibration & sound, hearing what is really being said, hearing the faint soft voices, the low-frequency, underlying messages & remote bonds that are real & strong, though may be far away. Whale supports us in a fundamental alchemical understanding of working mystically unbound by the time/space continuum, though with an adept facility to engage in the time/space continuum when necessary (which is daily in the human experience). Whales never go completely to sleep due to the danger of drowning if rendered unconscious. Their brilliant adaptation for this is that the two hemispheres of the whale’s brain take turns sleeping (like Dolphin). Thus the whale is often simultaneously awake & sleeping. in Native teachings, Whales are metaphorically described as swimming