Smudge Kit

Smudge Kit
Brand: Etsy - Lemtutu
Color: Grey
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Smudge Kit comes with white sage(ethically sourced & harvested), Palo Santo, & then your choice of 4 additional herbs for you to create your own blend with or use on their own. You get to choose what herbs call out to you or you want to work with, or let me intuit for you. Herbs include: desert sage, cedar, juniper, mugwort, lemonbalm, Yerba Santa, & lavender. Kit also includes a small abalone (2.5 in)shell to burn herbs on & a small colored feather. Feather color is intuited as well. Kit Is perfect for alter space & providing a variety of cleansing tools. Please include in the comments what herbs you would like or if you want me to intuit for you. Smudge Kit