Set Of Two Palmistry / Phrenology Tins

Set Of Two Palmistry / Phrenology Tins
Brand: The Best Room
Size: One Size
19.95 GBP
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We love the on-trend design of these phrenology tins which would look wonderful complimented by a succulant or small plant as an easy home update They come in two different designs phrenology and palmistry , you will recive both . They look great as a pair , and will be sure to make a statement in any room .These trendy versatile tins make ideal storage for makeup brushes, stationary, kitchen utensil or even as indoor cache plants pot holders……………………………………….The planters are made from a high shine metal an opulent and glamorous way to display plants or succulents.Also useful for storing small items, such as pen pots or kitchen utensilsCome in two sizes and are perfect for either indoors or outdoors. not given Material - Dolomite