Set Of Two Handmade Shoreline Ceramic Planters

Set Of Two Handmade Shoreline Ceramic Planters
Brand: Habulous
Size: One Size
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Contemporary planters that add style to any setting or plant collection. Their natural internal fired clay makes the perfect homely surrounding for any plant. Each piece is special in that it is totally unique, so they’ll look beautifully diverse when near one another. Enjoying our home environment has never been more precious, so why not brighten your garden or house with these colourful, handcrafted planters?Turquoise, the colour of the sea on a summer’s day. Pink, especially unique with its speckled gradient. The natural clay, visible between the glazes, bakes to a warm, sandy colour. We can only think of those happy moments, feeling the sand beneath our feet and paddling along the lapping shore. Please note: as each piece is handmade, yours may differ slightly from the ones shown in the images.Plants not included.If none are ready for dispatch, please allow up to 3 weeks for the item to be made. We will email you to see whether you’re happy to wait and continue with your order from us. Stoneware clay, glaze. Handwashing is advised.Our practices aim to be as sustainble as possible. Some natures of ceramic production, such as the firing, are not as sustainable as we’d like them to be, however we are eco-friendly wherever we can. Pottery production is overall much less harmful for the environment and a good, long-lasting replacement for plastics.We recycle our clay and use sustainable packaging.