Set Of Five Reusable Potato And Vegetable Grow Bags

Set Of Five Reusable Potato And Vegetable Grow Bags
Brand: Garden Selections
Size: One Size
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Set of 2 potato planters and 3 vegetable planters to grow your own veg at home There’s nothing quite like enjoying veg you’ve grown yourself, and these grow bags are a convenient way to grow spuds and veg where space is at a premium - perfect for use on patios and balconies, but the small footprint means these can be used practically anywhere.Each grow bag in this set is made from non-woven fabric with carry handles. Two are designed for potatoes and have a capacity of roughly 10 gallons (37 litres), measuring 45cm tall by 35cm in diameter. They feature a liftable flap so your potato crop can be harvested from the bottom if so desired.The other three are designed for vegetables and have capacities of 7 gallons (26 litres) and measure 35cm tall by 30cm in diameterThe fabric of these bags is breathable and absorbent, allowing that all important moisture to be retained as your harvest grows. Stitched handles complete the grow bag allowing for easy movement. The bags are reusable and fold flat for storage when not in use. not given Breathable non-woven aeration fabric