Self Love Spell Jar Necklace

Self Love Spell Jar Necklace
Brand: Etsy - DraiochtBodynSpirit
Color: Pink
Size: custom
29.16 GBP
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These self love spell necklace combinations include one rose quartz pendant & carefully crafted spell jar filled with herbs & crystals to invoke love & acceptance of oneself. Each jar & all materials are cleansed with prairie sage smoke, charged, & handled with positive intentions. Upon receipt of this necklace, this process should be repeated by the wearer. A single bay leaf is included, for you to write your own affirmations & burn with your cleanse! The full contents of this necklace include: Rose Quartz Pendant Jar containing: Pink Himalayan salt, moonstone chips, amethyst chips, lapis lazuli chips, & rose petals. Wrapped in pink thread. Heart charm Satin cord & silver tone lobster clasp. Available in 16/20 & 18/22. Lengths can be customized & cord can be upgraded to stainless chain. Please message me to inquire! PLEASE NOTE: Each jar has been sealed & contents cannot be added or removed. This is to protect it during transport & during wear. Individual necklaces may differ slightly in appearance, this is due to the natural variation in the materials used & the handmade nature of the product. SAVE ON SHIPPING! Customers local to Calgary, Alberta can contact me for a direct pick up. If purchasing multiple items, please contact me to combine shipping! Self Love Spell Jar Necklace