Seeds Of Climbing Snapdragon | Maurandya Antirrhiniflora

Seeds Of Climbing Snapdragon | Maurandya Antirrhiniflora
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Climbing snapdragon (Maurandya antirrhiniflora) is a climbing perennial herb native to Mexico & the south western United States (including Texas). It has more-or-less triangular entire-margined leaves & tubular flowers in various shades of pink, red or blue to violet with white bases. We grow ours in hanging baskets on our porch. Seeds are harvested from plants in hanging pots on our porch. We send you 20 seeds for you to germinate or sow in a planter or flower bed. These are beautiful wildflowers that we absolutely love in our hanging pots. Growing climbing snapdragon vines is easy from seed. Plant outside when soil has warmed. Plant seeds in a full sun to lightly shaded area. Plant the seeds so they are just barely covered with soil. They should germinate within two to three weeks (So don’t give up to quickly!). Snapdragon vine is a slow starter, but it eventually will take off. Snapdragon vines are adaptable to most soils. If allowed to go to seed, expect more plants to appear in the area next year. Although somewhat drought tolerant, watering is an important part of their care. Regular watering encourages more flowers & makes them last longer. Seeds Of Climbing Snapdragon | Maurandya Antirrhiniflora