Salt & Pepper Ring, Grey Cushion Rose Cut Diamond Halo White Gold Engagement

Salt & Pepper Ring, Grey Cushion Rose Cut Diamond Halo White Gold Engagement
Brand: Etsy - Jewelluxe
Color: White
Size: L
1404.54 GBP 2340.91 GBP
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A galaxy gray salt & pepper rose cut diamond surrounded by a delicate diamond halo with side diamond accents. Classic meets modern chic. We adore the imperfect & you’ll get mesmerized by the diamond’s most unique nature. Natural Diamond 1.41-carat Cushion Rose Cut Warm Medium Grey Opaque with eye-visible salt & pepper inclusions Halo + Side Diamonds .47-ct G-H color white Slightly included round brilliant cuts all-natural earth-mined Diamonds Ready to ship 14 White gold, size 7 1/4 (sizable, please message us for details) :: in the PERSONALIZED SECTION please mention any specifications, time frames, & or change of address you might have Mindfully crafted in our Los Angeles workshop. All stones have been hand-selected by us. We use conflict-free diamonds & recycled metal(s). Favorite our shop for Updates & SALES! - Follow us on Instagram JewelLuxeCo Thank you for visiting my jewelry shop Janine A little about our beloved RUSTIC diamonds … so perfectly imperfect. Here at J E W E L L U X E, we embrace the imperfect showcasing their unique characteristics. RUSTIC diamonds range in color saturation & hues from white (clear), yellow, red, blue, & all the different combinations available. Different trace elements naturally produce the colors or they can be treated to enhance or produce certain colors. Often you’ll find a combination of hues, saturation, and/or patterns that are unique, organic-looking - naturally beautiful! Eye-visible inclusions give these diamonds their inherent personalities. Semi-transparent to opaque in clarity, inclusions are present internally & externally. There are many creative terms describing their appearance. Here are just a few endearing classifications: SALT & PEPPER - light-colored diamonds that have eye-visible black and/or white inclusions. When the light hits the inclusions they sparkle internally like our galaxy. The higher the concentration of dark inclusions the darker the diamond appears. ICY - clear or whitish diamonds with visible internal inclusions that resemble the milky way or crushed ice. The surface sparkle is amazing & the internal brilliance depends on the transparency & cut. MILKY - white diamonds with strong fluorescence giving the diamonds an opalescence or a bluish hue. BRILLIANT CUT is the standard faceting arrangement featuring 58 facets. Brilliant cut faceting delivers the maximum beauty showcasing both internal & external sparkle. This style of faceting is available in a variety of SHAPES like rounds, pear, oval, marquise, heart, emerald, cushion, & asher cut. There are other shapes with a variation of the facet count including princess, radiant, triangle, trillion, kite, briolette, & other designer shapes/cuts. ROSE CUT (or rosette) diamonds have been adorning jewelry since the middle of the 16th century. Their brilliance radiates from triangular facets forming a pattern radiating from the apex of the stone. Typically, the top of the