Sacred Vodka And Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Pack

Sacred Vodka And Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Pack
Brand: Bloody Bens
Size: One Size
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Is your Bloody Mary Sacred? The perfect organic Bloody Mary pack not given not given We’re friends with the lovely folk at Sacred Spirits who are based in Highgate, North London.We’ve done some Festivals alongside them and they also attended the Earlsfield Winter Gin Fest that we put on, so we know their drinks are great and that people love them.Their Organic Vodka goes so well with our Bloody Mary Mix, so well in fact that we’ve decided to create this Bloody Mary Pack which will make a great present for someone or an absolute treat for yourself.This Gift Pack contains,x1 700ml Sacred Organic Vodka x1 300ml Bloody Bens Bloody Mary MixSACRED BLOODY MARY25ml Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix35ml Sacred Organic Vodka125ml Tomato JuiceFill your glass with ice, add the ingredients and stir for 2 seconds. Garnish with a wedge of lemon and a celery stick.ABOUT SACRED VODKA40% ABV - Sacred take the highest quality organic wheat and rye spirits and blend them as inspired by the ‘assemblage’ method used by high-end winemakers, to perfectly balance the individual spirit constituents.This gives a creamy mouthfeel, followed by a gentle hazelnut finish, perfect in a Bloody Mary.WHY CHOOSE BLOODY BENS BLOODY MARY MIX?Simple answer is flavour. Yes, you can find Pre-Mixed Spicy Tomato Juices out there but they hardly have any flavour. Our Spice Mix is intentionally intense and will give you a much greater depth of flavour.Also, our shelf life is much longer, a spicy tomato juice will only last a couple of days once opened. Our Bloody Mary Mix is Vegan, Gluten Free and Non-Alcoholic and will last at least 3 months in the fridge once opened.It only takes moments to make, just add 25ml to Tomato Juice.Also, it’s award winning; in 2018, Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix won a Gold Star in the Great Taste Awards.HISTORYBloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix was created and perfected at Ben’s Canteen, neighbourhood restaurants in SW London that were famous for Brunch.For years, customers asked for the Bloody Mary Recipe to be bottled and in 2017 we did just that.The Mix was borne out of frustration that Bloody Marys are pooorly made or rushed and don’t taste great. Or are really hard to make at home because you don’t have all the ingredients. Bloody Bens Bloody Mary Mix solves these problems.Born in London, made in England.BLOODY MARY MIX FAQQ: Wait, how does it work again? A: It’s a Bloody Mary Mix, the bottle contains all the herbs and spices needed to make the perfect Bloody. Add 25ml Mix to 125ml Tomato Juice and then add Vodka/Gin if you want it boozy. Q: So, it doesn’t contain Tomato Juice or Alcohol? A: Correct, it’s just the Herbs & Spices.ALLERGEN INFORMATIONThe Bloody Mary Mix product contains Celery. The vodka contains alcohol. You must be over the lgal drinking age to order it.