Sacred Geometry Smudge Box Kit - Metatron's Cube Free Shipping

Sacred Geometry Smudge Box Kit - Metatron's Cube Free Shipping
Brand: Etsy - ArcandlesAU
Color: Brown
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Each kit contains 1 x Sacred Geometry Smudge Box 1 x Fireproof mat 1 x Loose sage leaves 1 x Crystal Size - 9 x 9 cm Material - Bamboo Light the sage leaves or your favorite incense cone over the fireproof mat to cleanse your home or any space, or use it as a crystal cleansing station! Smudging is an ancient practice in which sacred plants & herbs are burned, allowing the smoke to clear negative or stagnant energies. Scientific research shows that the smoke of sage actually clears bacteria out of the air! Metatron’s Cube forms a map of creation that has been well recognised & energized throughout time. It contains every shape that exists in the universe from food to DNA. If you were to study this ancient symbol, you would learn how it is the map to the literal creation of this universe. It illustrates how source energy created high vibrational frequencies that ripple out, & eventually created colour, sound, & physical matter. The spheres in the shape represent the feminine, while the straight lines represent the masculine. The cube in it’s entirety represents the weaving together of these two energies to create oneness in all that is. Sacred Geometry Smudge Box Kit - Metatron’s Cube Free Shipping