Revenge Dust Powder .5 Ounce Bag Powerful Herbs

Revenge Dust Powder .5 Ounce Bag Powerful Herbs
Brand: Etsy - UnderTheWillowTn
Color: Grey
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Merry meet! We have freshly prepared batches of herbal Revenge Dust ready to ship! This Revenge Dust is VERY POWERFUL so please use with caution. Includes a blend of herbs, powders & minerals specially curated for their hexing properties. Per Etsy rules, I can only sell you the herbal powder & the spell work is up to the buyer. Includes informative printout that you can use for research ;-) This powder can be used in revenge & unhexings. You can sprinkle in on a paper with the target’s name or place it somewhere they will step in it. It can be used as an incense or an additive in candles & spell jars. Check my feedback; you won’t be disappointed in my bestselling herbal powders. I also offer Goofer Dust, Brick Dust, Cascarilla Powder, Revenge Powder & various salts. The bags are 2 by 3 inches with a zipper closure & the powder is .5 ounce by weight. I weigh them out by scale but if the bag looks a tad skimpy, I always add more Do not ingest. Use with caution. Per Etsy Rules, this item is sold as a curio only & no guarantees or claims are made. The buyer is responsible for any use. Revenge Dust Powder .5 Ounce Bag Powerful Herbs