Repel & Protect Spell Jar Pendant

Repel & Protect Spell Jar Pendant
Brand: Etsy - SheasShack
Color: Grey
Size: custom
6.24 GBP
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Repel & Protect Spell jar pendant is packed full of smokey quartz, white sage leaves, & witch hazel. Wear this charm, carry it with you, or place it in your home to help repel negative energies & protect you from evil. All crystals & hebs have been cleansed, charged, & set with the specified intention. Jars are not sealed. I leave them unsealed so that you can add to them if you would like to. If you would like your jar sealed just send me a note & I will be happy to seal it for you. Every jar is made to order & may vary slightly in appearance from the picture. Every jar will be similar but may vary in shape slightly. Last picture is for size reference on the 2 sizes available Repel & Protect Spell Jar Pendant