Raw 2000mg CBD Oil

Raw 2000mg CBD Oil
Categories: Health Care, Medicine
Brand: Hippie Turtle Herbal Co
Size: One Size
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Feel your best with our premium pharmacy grade 20% RAW 2000mg CBD Oil In nature, all of a plant’s nutrients work together to produce more effective and varied benefits, known as the entourage effect. The valuable terpenes and cannaflavins found in hemp are kept intact in our RAW range, creating a cannabis extract that is rich in phytonutrients. Our pharmacy-grade CBD oils provide you with a much wider cannabinoid profile compared to CBD isolates.Our 20% oil offers 2000mg of CBD per 10 ml bottle. All our CBD oils are non-GMO, Palm oil free & Vegan friendly.We believe in accountability, so all our oils have an independant lab report to confirm the cannabinoid content of each batch (see attached pdf). not given 99.8% Cannabis Sativa L., 0.2% Natural Terpene FlavouringsCBD content 20% (2000mg/container)THC content