Rainbow Mala Tassel Necklace Lotus Seed Eudialyte Rhodonite Sunstone Quartz Jasper Apatite Aventurine Lapis Lazuli Amethyst Obsidian

Rainbow Mala Tassel Necklace Lotus Seed Eudialyte Rhodonite Sunstone Quartz Jasper Apatite Aventurine Lapis Lazuli Amethyst Obsidian
Brand: Etsy - UtpalaMalas
Color: Blue
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Rainbow mala (beaded tassel necklace) This mala features 108 beads in a rainbow of colors: Lotus seed, Madagascar Eudialyte, Rhodonite, Sunstone, Golden Jade, Kiwi Jasper, Apatite, Blue Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, & Rainbow Obsidian. The mala also includes a lotus seed guru bead, & a silver-blue handmade cotton tassel. Small crystal beads between the larger beads help the each shade stand out, & make it easier to use for meditation. Lotus flowers grow from muddy waters, & symbolize overcoming obstacles. Lotus seeds are thought to symbolize spiritual growth & the ability to overcome obstacles, especially on the path to enlightenment. Madagascar Eudialyte is thought to connect to unconditional love, to promote self-love & to enhance your love & concern for humanity. Some people think it increases harmony & grounding, & helps balance physical & emotional needs. It is thought to dissolve feelings of jealousy, resentment & hostility, & to balance emotions. Rhodonite is thought to enhance feelings of relaxation & revitalization. It is thought to help us see the bigger picture while still noticing the small details, & to help us remember what is truly important. Sunstone is thought to have bright, positive energy, to help you awaken when you are stuck in a rut, & to help you reconnect with passion, excitement & creativity when those feelings are low. Sunstone can be a reminder to live each day to fullest, to savor the good times, & to hold on to the happy times. Golden Jade is a type of quartz, & is thought by some to help with healing, meditation, & manifesting. It is also thought to enhance spiritual growth & wisdom, as well as inspiration & creativity. Kiwi jasper is thought to offer support during times of chronic stress & absorb negative energy. It is thought to increase a sense of enjoyment & playfulness, & help wearers feel more relaxed & tranquil. Some people think kiwi jasper has soothing & nurturing properties. Apatite is thought to enhance insight, creativity, learning, focus & concentration, & clarity. It is also thought to enhance acceptance & unconditional love, for the self & for others. Blue aventurine is believed to help diffuse negative emotions, promote compassion & mental healing, & encourage perseverance. It is also believed to promote open-mindedness & the ability to see alternatives & possibilities. Lapis Lazuli is associated with strength, courage, wisdom, intellect & truth. It is thought to help promote intellect & good judgement, & to help activate the higher mind. It is sometimes associated with the ajna, or third eye, chakra. Amethyst is thought to help calm impulses, especially impulses for overindulgence, as well as clarifying thoughts & improving decision-making. It is thought to improve overall spiritual balance, & is often used during meditation. Rainbow Obsidian is a grounding stone, & some think it can enhance feelings of safety & of being protected. It is thought to provide support for those who are grieving,