Protection Spell Mix

Protection Spell Mix
Brand: Etsy - RavenMoonlight
Color: Silver
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Spell Mix: Protection 4 X 6 Bag Our excellent Protection spell mix is made with dried organically grown herbs. Use this blend as an incense, as an herbal bath, for spells, for sachets & charms, or any other project to protect you both physically & mentally from bad influences, negativity, accidents, & even the evil eye! This blend works great as a floorwash & also makes excellent on-the-go protection talismans & sachets! (Try one for your car!) Our herbal blends are the freshest possible. Please note that all herbal blends including bath herbs, incenses, bath salts, spell mixes & oils are not blended until ordered! Tip: Add frankincense to create an incense to protect against negativity! Add Copal resin to guard against a spurned lover! Protection Spell Mix