Prosperity Candle

Prosperity Candle
Brand: Etsy - GreenWitchHaven
Color: Green
15.61 GBP
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Light this prosperity spell candle to receive the bountiful gifts the universe has to offer to you. Each one of our spell candles is energetically cleansed & hand-anointed with herbs & crystals. We ethically source our candles & all our crystals & herbs so you can rest easy knowing we did our homework. Please message us for a custom candle or for add-ons! We’d be happy to add custom runes or sigils to each candle if you have one in mind, just let us know! Includes: - Pyrite (prosperity, luck, protection) - Green Aventurine Chips (luck, humor, creativity, joy, abundance, growth) - Coffee Powder (quickens the magick) - Dried Orange Peels (luck) - Catnip (attracts wealth & love, soothing) - Alfalfa (prosperity, comfort, goodwill, abundance) Green apple scented, burns for 25 hours. 3 (height) x 2 (width) Note: Sigils are hand-drawn onto the candles with intention. Custom sigils are of my own design (see photo of one of my personal sigils on candle), but other example sigils pictured here are from The Fundamental Book of Sigil Magick by K.P. Theodore. Prosperity Candle