Pork Crackling Mega Advent Calendar

Pork Crackling Mega Advent Calendar
Brand: Snaffling Pig
Size: One Size
22.5 GBP
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Please note that the original price of this product has been varied recently A frankly awesome, mixed flavour pork crackling-filled Advent Calendar. It’s designed to provide the ultimate savoury Christmas countdown excitement.Advent calendars are great, right? Wonderfully supplying daily countdown-based treats, encouraging early morning snackage, and gleefully throwing normal eating times out of the cardboard window. But, if you’re more of a savoury loving swine, they’ve tended to be a piggin’ let down.The Snaffling Pig decided to right that wrong, because he’s good like that.Behind each of the 24 windows, you’ll find a mini bag of awesome flavoured pork crackling. Sadly, none of them will be in the shape of a bell or a Santa, even SP isn’t that clever. But we’d like to think that what they lack in festive shape, they make up in crisp, crunchy loveliness. There are 6 flavours included in each calendar: Pigs In Blankets, Low & Slow BBQ, Maple, Black Pepper & Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar and Perfectly Salted. Four of those have Great Taste awards, the other two just taste great.Organised Snafflers need not worry- each advent will have a shelf life of least 5 months.Please note: The logistics pig has had to do something special with this one, so if it’s ordered with other items your advent will arrive separatelyPlease note that the original price of this product has been varied recently Hand cooked, high quality pork crackling.Ingredients:Salt & VinegarPork Rinds, Dextrose, Acidity Regulator E262, Salt, Yeast Extract, Acid E330.Black Pepper and Sea SaltPork Rinds, Sea Salt, Rusk (Contains WHEAT Flour, GLUTEN, Salt, Raising Agent E503 (ii), Flavour Enhancer E621, Yeast Extract, Spice (Black Pepper), Dextrose, Flavouring (Paprika contains food colour E160c), Malt Extract.Low & Slow BBQPork Rinds, Salt, Flavour Enhancer: E621, E635, Spice (Paprika, Cumin, Coriander, Cayenne), Tomato Powder, Acidity Regulator E262, Dextrose, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Dehydrated Onion, Garlic Powder, Natural Flavouring, Paprika Extract, Spice Extract.Marvellous MaplePork Rinds, Salt, Sugar, Flavour Enhancer E621, Dextrose, Rusk(Contains fortified GLUTEN, WHEAT FLOUR (calcium carbonate, iron niacin, thiamine)) salt, raising agent E503(ii)), Onion Powder, Molasses Extract Powder, Natural Flavouring, Garlic Powder, Flavouring (contains SOYA), Spice Extracts, Paprika ExtractPerfectly SaltedPork Rind. Seasoning: Salt, Yeast Extract, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein.Pigs In BlanketsPork Rinds, Salt, Rusk (wheat flour, (Contains GLUTEN, WHEAT FLOUR, (fortified wheat flour (calcium carbonate, iron niacin, thiamine) salt, raising agent E503(ii)), Yeast Extract, Flavour Enhancer E621, Onion Powder, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protien, Sugar, Spice (white pepper), Dextrose, Acid E330, Smoke Flavouring, Spice Extracts, Herb Extracts