Pomegranate Seed Necklace Prosperity Love Fertility Charm

Pomegranate Seed Necklace Prosperity Love Fertility Charm
Brand: Etsy - redtruckdesigns
Color: Red
Size: custom
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A beautiful delicate pomegranate seed necklace. This lovely pomegranate seed is so realistic, yet it is handblown glass. It has a beautiful deep red/burgundy hue. It is translucent in the sunlight with faceted surfaces. It truly looks like a real pomegranate seed. Each pomegranate seed bead is measures approx. 12 mm in length The gold filled chain is delicate measuring approx. 16 to 18 inches with an extender so you can wear it short or a bit longer. The pomegranate plant is evergreen throughout the year symbolizing the immortality of the soul. The many seeds in a single fruit have come to stand for prosperity. From Judaism to Christianity, Buddhism & Islam, the pomegranate symbolizes fertility, eternal life & love. (Because the glass pomegranate seeds are handmade, the color of the glass seed may vary.) Your necklace will arrive in a beige cotton drawstring bag with a gift tag. Perfect for gift giving or a fun little treat for yourself. This jewelry bag can be re-purposed to hold your jewelry while traveling, use it in your purse as a makeup bag or you can put some lavender in it & it becomes a nice smelling sachet. See more jewelry & vintage treasures here Pomegranate Seed Necklace Prosperity Love Fertility Charm