Pomegranate And Cardamom Dry Rub Recyclable Pouch 125g

Pomegranate And Cardamom Dry Rub Recyclable Pouch 125g
Brand: Cut to the Smoke
Size: One Size
7.99 GBP
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Pomegranate & Cardamom Seasoning “Award Winning” Great Taste Awards"A really vibrant flavour profile, with lots of sweetness, sharp citrus notes and earthy spice create a really lovely depth of flavour. The flavours weren’t lost when used with meat and helped to enhance instead of overpower.“We recommend leaving this to marinate overnight. If you are planning on using this on a whole leg of lamb we recommend that you add a little yoghurt to the seasoning to form a paste.No artificial preservatives or flavouringsLow glycaemix Index, low in fructose, high in dietry fibres (Coconut sugar replaces refined sugar)Made from 100% fully recyclable packaging not given Coconut Sugar, Pomegranate, Chilli’s Mulato, Cardamom, Cumin, Corriander, Black Lime, Oak Smoked SaltMay contain traces of nuts or sesame