Planterrail For Herbs & Flowers

Planterrail For Herbs & Flowers
Brand: Etsy - GreenEnergyGarden
Color: Dark Olive
62.42 GBP
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This is our handcrafted cedar deck railing planter. If you’re looking for an attractive, well-built, & weather-resistant addition to your outdoor deck, this is a great option. The PlanterRail fits the two most common sizes of wooden deck railings: 5.5 in & 3.5 in, corresponding to lumber sizes 2x6 & 2x4, respectively. We only use rust resistant fasteners. Each PlanterRail comes with a fabric liner & a money-back, satisfaction guarantee. Dimensions: 24 or 18 in length x 11 in height x 13 in width Planterrail For Herbs & Flowers