Pickling Spice - 100 Grams

Pickling Spice - 100 Grams
Brand: Etsy - thenaturalherbalist
Color: Grey
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Pickling Spice is a blend used in mixtures to pickle various foods, as well as to season certain dishes, the blend used can differ greatly according to the manufacturer. Our pickling spice ingredients (usually whole or in coarse pieces) includes:- Coriander Seed Black Peppercorns Dill Seed Black Mustard Seed Yellow Mustard Seed Ginger Root Mace Blades Pimento Cinnamon Chillies Bay Pickling spice not only adds characteristic flavour to pickles, it adds complex flavour to braised meats, stews, beans & rice dishes. Try it as an alternative flavouring mix - you might be surprised. Pickling is the process of extending the lifespan of foods by preserving them in vinegar, oil or in brine ( a heavy salt & water mix with a little distilled vinegar often added) The result, after a period of time, is a pickle. The process will affect the flavour & the texture of the food stuff being used & added flavour is achieved by adding spices as in this pickle blend. Vegetables fruit fish & meat have all a long history of spiced pickling & preserving across almost every culture in the world. Pickling Spice - 100 Grams