Personalised Wedding Favors Bulk, Lavender Favor Gifts, Bridal Shower Soy Favor Gift, Wardrobe Freshener Wax Tablet Gifts For Guests

Personalised Wedding Favors Bulk, Lavender Favor Gifts, Bridal Shower Soy Favor Gift, Wardrobe Freshener Wax Tablet Gifts For Guests
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Thank You Favor gift Soy Scented wax Tablet favours with lavender, Boho wedding air Freshener, Scented thank you Decoration, Baby shower favor gift, Rustic wedding favors idea, lavender air Freshener wedding thank you favor gift idea A wax sachet is a solid, natural air freshener made with soy wax. They can be decorated with dried flowers, herbs + spices. To make them even more magical it’s a great idea to scent them with a variety of essential oils. Unlike candles or wax melts, scented wax sachets don’t have to be heated in order to work. Favor gift wax tablets are a very creative option to deodorize small spaces such as closets & drawers. Are you looking for breathtaking wedding favor gift ideas? Wax sachets are perfect to give as a gift. They can hang on a door knob & leave a pleasant scent in the surrounding area. Alternatively used just as a unique gift for your loved ones, friends & colleagues for any special occasion. The soy wax sachets are a natural solution to freshen the air. These are especially great for families with kids & pets. They allow you to fill your place with fragrance without using any harsh chemicals. It’s so simple! Just hang the wax sachet on the wall, place it in an open container or on top of a shelf in a closet. It will add a lovely fragrance to your clothes. You are bound to feel a spa-like atmosphere. Only made with 100% natural ingredients. Naturally sorced soy wax with blends of natural oils specially formulated for a long lasting scent. The wax sachets retain it’s aroma for up to 4 months. Each wax sachet is uniquely custom & handmade for you - always with love & care! The size of each sachet is 8,3cm4,3 cm. price for 1 piece The items can have the following personalized: Monogram The thank you Your name(s) The wedding, birthday, bridal shower or baby shower date, etc. Paper bags & bows are also included with the sachets. Our photos are just examples of what you may receive as each wax tablet/sachet is handmade & can vary in appearance. We ask that you avoid any high temperature & humid environments. The wax can become malleable at high temperatures. Aromatic sachet Favor, wedding gift for guests, wax tablet for guets, air freshener favor gift for guets, wedding favors Hanging air Freshener ,homemade decor, room freshener, natural air freshener. Floral wax sachet, wedding favor for guests, personalised scented sachet, custom Scented wax sachets, baby shower favors Wax tarts, Bridal showe favors, Wedding gifts for guest, Wax Melts for guests, Vegan friendly, Car air freshener, Baby shower favors, Wedding Favors for guests, Bridal Shower Favors, Personalized Wedding Soy Wax Favors, Handmade Soy Favors, Wardrobe Freshener, Hanging air Freshener Thank You Soy Scented wax Tablet favours, air Freshener, Scented Decoration, Baby shower favor, wedding favors idea, Wedding favor for guests Wax melts, favor gits Wax tablet, thank you gift Scented soy wax, Blush wedding favors, Soy wax wedding favors Personalised