Personalised Vintage Style Tomato Crate, Cream/Jasmine/Seagrass

Personalised Vintage Style Tomato Crate, Cream/Jasmine/Seagrass
Brand: Vintage Crates
Color: Cream/Jasmine/Seagrass
Size: One Size
36 GBP
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The Vintage Style Tomato Crate takes up less space than the larger Crates and therefore has a wide variety of uses. The sturdy wooden Tomato Crate in a Vintage Style is modelled on the old crates that tomato growers used to use all over the country. The only real difference is their smaller size but we find that being compact they are extremely useful in the home. Taking up less space on your work surfaces than the traditional bushel crates, they look great with a few pots of herbs in or maybe some bulbs to give a display of flowers throughout the season. We’ve seen them with recipe books in and table dressings, mats, serviettes and other decorative items. These Crates can now be Personalised. We’ve recently included some smaller lettering in our range to add this option.Imagine what a delightfully unique gift this would make, especially if it were Personalised and had a small plant inside. The Tomato Crate is also robust enough to be able to use outside and with a lining would make a great little mini herb garden or window box.Now we’re introducing colour to the Tomato Crates, so our boxes in a Vintage Style are not only available in a natural wood colour like the Old Apple Crates but also with a choice of a further Five colours. All the colours are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. We’ve just added the Mid Grey.Choose from - Natural Vintage Style - Pale Jasmine (Off White) - Country Cream (as it sounds) - Forget Me Not (Pastel Blue) - Sea Grass (misty green/blue) - Silver Birch (Mid Grey) Our Vintage Style Tomato Crates are all made from either Re-usable Timber or from Certificated Sustainable Wood sources.Please note only one crate is included in the indicated price.