Palo Santo Incense Hand Rolled Artisan Sticks With Resin

Palo Santo Incense Hand Rolled Artisan Sticks With Resin
Brand: Etsy - ReturnToTheRoots
Color: Black
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Listing Is For One Gift Ready Satchel Containing 7 Slow Burning & Long Lasting Natural Incense Sticks Hand Rolled By Me PALO SANTO - If You Could Not Fail, What Would You Do With Your Life? Clear Away The Obstacles & Pursue Your Passions Contains Absolutely NO Artificial Fragrance Oils, Natural Essential Oils, Dyes, Fillers, Or Synthetics - Only 100% Pure Plant Matter Composed Completely Of Ethically Sourced Palo Santo Wood For Guidance Upon Your Journey - Each Stick Has Been Hand Rolled in A Dusting Of Powdered Palo Santo Resin & Then Once Again Upon The Tip With Palo Santo Wood Dust May Be Utilized For Energetically Cleansing, Grounding, Inspiring Or Olfactory Pleasure Smudging Is The Process Of Cleansing A Person, Place Or Object Of Accumulated Or Stagnant Energetic Clutter Which in Turn Helps Restore Balance. Herbs, Flowers & Resins Are Also Burned For Creating Sacred Space, Offering Blessings, Setting Intentions in Gratitude & Honor + For Their Pleasant Aromatics. When Burned For Incense As Well As Cleansing, Resins & Herbs Release Their Energy, Which Is The Soul Of The Plant. The Act Of Burning Plants Is Also A Type Of Offering Which Goes Far Beyond Thoughts Or Words. Among The Many Cultures Which Utilize Aromatics in Their Moments There Is A Common Thread- The Act Of Intention. I Invite You To Explore in Curiosity As You Expand Your Experiences The Most Valuable Exchange You May Offering While Smudging Self, Space Or Others Is The Mindfulness Of Intention & Attention : Please Practice Respect Towards The Natural Realm As You Seek It’s Assistance in Your Personal Affairs oUse Intuition As Your Guideo Shared Information Is A Small Sampling Of The Properties Associated With This Offering - I Encourage You To Engage Your Curiosity & Delve Deeper Into Research On How This Offering May Be Useful To You in Their Full Capacity, For What It Is You Seek To Be in Alignment With This Product Is Not Intended To Replace Medical Treatment, Serve As A Cure For Existing Un-wellness Or in Anyway Hold Medical Claims Please Seek Professional Treatment As Needed Palo Santo Incense Hand Rolled Artisan Sticks With Resin