Pair Of Buckingham Wooden Patio Planters

Pair Of Buckingham Wooden Patio Planters
Brand: Garden Selections
Size: One Size
49.99 GBP
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A stunning pair of patio planters, perfect for potting up. These wooden planters look splendid whatever is contained in them. A pair planted up with roses, stately boxes, specimen trees or shrubs and placed each side of a door or gateway provide a beautiful frame for any entrance. Brimming over with flowers, they look wonderful in conservatories, hallways, on patios, terraces or balconies providing colour and scent wherever you like to sit.Site one by the kitchen door, planted up with your favourite and most used herbs, and they’ll be ready for picking when needed. If space is really at a premium and you fancy some home-grown vegetables, they make excellent potato planters or pots for finger carrots and other salad crops. Mini sweetcorn, climbing courgettes, several varieties of tomato and even some fruit bushes all do well in containers.These planters can be left in their natural wood colour, or painted and decorated to compliment a garden design statement. Made from treated softwood, they come flat packed complete with a liner not given Wood.