Pack Of Two Modern Minimalist Ceramic Plant Pot Indoor

Pack Of Two Modern Minimalist Ceramic Plant Pot Indoor
Brand: Momentum
Size: One Size
69.95 GBP
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Features a matte surface with an asymmetric design, this modern plant pot set perfectly fits in small or medium flower plants or succulents. Features:- Showcasing a play of color and texture, these planters’ bottoms are painted in a sleek aqua green and the upper parts are left untouched in matte white. - With one more green ribbon across the smaller piece, this asymmetric-design set will add a simple while chic style to your greenery.- 2 different sizes of this cylindrical pot set can widely suit arrangements from the larger spider plants to the smaller succulents.- Made of premium ceramic, these pieces feature an unglazed matte white surface, and hence are durable and easy to clean.- A drain hole at the bottom eases the concern of excess water. Your lovely greenery will enjoy breathing and thriving in our pots. Plants NOT included. not given Premium ceramic