Pack Of Two Geometric Ceramic Pots With Drainage

Pack Of Two Geometric Ceramic Pots With Drainage
Brand: Momentum
Size: One Size
67.95 GBP
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These gorgeous ceramic planters embrace multiple interior trends, with minimalist, and geometric influences combining modern and vintage style. Features:- Created with sturdy ceramic and painted beautifully with gold and grey, opposite colors tones matched in harmonizes. Plants and props are not included in this set! - Each set comes two different plant pots but maintain a consistent style that makes them look very harmonious when placed together. - Round shaped planter, perfect for taller plants and the smaller,hexagon one for your smaller legumes.- Each planter comes with a drill hole in the bottom to drain the stagnant water and help you prolong the life of your precious plants and a rubber plug to install if you want use it indoor or hanging by a macrame hanger. not given Ceramic