Pack Of Three Self Watering Plastic Pot Planters

Pack Of Three Self Watering Plastic Pot Planters
Brand: Momentum
Size: One Size
44.95 GBP
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Plastic planters designed with a matte white finishing exterior in round shapes can bring out the contemporary visual representation for your flowers and houseplants. Features:- Pack of 3 Plastic Planters- Self watering planter ensures the plants take enough water they need for days, and you don’t have to water frequently.- Durable, PP plastic planter, great for indoor or outdoor use. No plant includes in this item!- This clever self watering planter can help you to care your plants when you go outside a couple days or on business.- Thanks to the double-layer design that allows excess water to be stored in the bottom of this planter pot and provided to your plant as needed.- Please note that watering the plant cannot exceed the inner basket and the water level within the flower pot is 1cm, it will cause plant death of waterlogging otherwise. not given Polypropylene, Plastic