Pack Of Eight Childrens Sprout Seed Colouring Pencils, Black/Yellow/Marigold

Pack Of Eight Childrens Sprout Seed Colouring Pencils, Black/Yellow/Marigold
Brand: The Letteroom
Color: Black/Yellow/Marigold
Size: One Size
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The world’s first colouring pencil that grows! This is a set of eight pencils that want to be a plant when they grow up. When it’s too short to use, plant your pencil to grow herbs, flowers and more! Your child is sure to be the coolest in class when they use their eco colouring pencils !These high-quality and sustainably harvested cedar pencils have a clever water-activated seed capsule in their tip.So when you’ve finally shaved your writing instrument down to an unusable length, simply flip that pencil round and stick it in the ground.With a little love and tenderness (water and sunlight) your scrumptious seed will rise from the soil like a photosynthetic phoenix and the remaining pencil acts as a helpful labelled planting marker……………………………….. The seed capsule tip will not work as an eraser, though you’re welcome to try!If you are in the habit of chewing on the end of your pencil the sprout will probably activate and dissolve in your mouth. We think this is a great tool to break yourself of that habit. On a lighter note, the sprout is entirely non-toxic!This pack contains six coloured pencils and two graphite pencilsCorianderThymeForget-me-notChiaDaisySageBasilCarnationOnce people realise that their Sprout pencil can be used for more than just writing, it’s sure to bring a smile and start a conversation. Transforming a Sprout pencil into flowers, herbs or vegetables is a fun way to make sustainability visible to others. And inspire them to make changes in their own lives. Cedar wood. all pencils contain graphiteSeed capsule contains three seeds to maximise the chance of successful sprouting.The pencils even smell great too.