Outdoor Wooden Side Vegetable Planter Add On

Outdoor Wooden Side Vegetable Planter Add On
Brand: Happy Planet Toys
Size: One Size
75 GBP
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Our Side planters offer the opportunity to open up and whole new dimension to your outdoor play area. Bringing the family together to enjoy planting and growing vegetables in your own back gardenFeatures an eyelet attachment system - you can be out and gardening within minutes of the planters arrival. Purpose built lining - allowing those vegetables to get all the nutrients needed and protecting your planter at the same timeComes fully assembled This product is CE Certified We also offer a large decoration range with 15 amazing coloursMellow Yellow, Sun Set, Blood Orange, Deep Red, Rose Petal, Parma Violet, Pinky Purple, Happy Planet Blue, Turquoise Dreams, Leafy Green, Sky Blue, Peaches & Cream, Rose Water, Blue Grey, Duck Egg Blue The Side Planter is Created from locally sourced reclaimed wood, using 99.9% recycled materials, allowing for just a sprinkling of magic to create your perfect outdoor play area.