Origami Self Watering Eco Plant Pot: 15cm - Navy

Origami Self Watering Eco Plant Pot: 15cm - Navy
Brand: POTR Pots
Size: One Size
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A self-watering, flat pack, orgami plant pot made from recyled plastic. A modern home for thriving plants in a deep navy finish. The perfect companion to care for your house plants, the 15cm self watering pot transforms from a flat pack parcel to a mordern home for your botanical buddy.A deep navy finish chosen to match any modern interior coats this origami self watering plant pot. The flat pack structure allows for efficient postage and can be slipped directly through your letterbox! Wasted delivery attempts are a thing of the past.The 15cm diameter is designed to fit a vide variety of common housplant sizes and are perfect in many spots in the home. Leave your plant for 2 - 3 weeks without worrying about watering your plant, the in built reservoir will take care of this.The humble plant pot will never be the same again. POTR Pots come in a variety of sizes and colours. Make sure to check out our other listings to explore what we have available.Make sure to check plant watering requirements before setting up the POTR self-watering feature. POTR Pots have been designed from start to finish with our environment in mind. Our goal is simple: strive for positive change to our environment and lead the way by means of responsible, sustainable design. We take a holistic approach to sustainability taking into account the whole product lifecycle. Our approach can be broken down into four categories; product design, materials, manufacture and end of life.Sustainability starts with design! POTR Pots have a CO2 footprint roughly one hundred times smaller than ceramic or concrete plant pots which is in large part due to their flat pack design. The weight and volume saved by shipping flat pack equates to a large saving in emissions due to the fact it is delivered through the postal system, rather than by courier. By posting our pots in an envelope directly through your letterbox means our customers will never miss a delivery. This eliminates wasted delivery attempts and therefore emissions, which is an incredibly common occurrence with online deliveries.Furthermore, traditional planters often require structural packaging and additional single use wrapping (ie. bubble wrap) to protect them during transport and delivery. POTR Pot’s flexible, flat pack structure negates the need for any of this wasteful packaging and is perfectly safe in a recycled card envelope. The architectural, origami design permits more with less - once folded, the 0.7mm sheet transforms from a flexible substrate to rigid structure, enabling a substantial reduction in material compared to traditional planters made using conventional methods and materials.Recycled polypropylene is perfectly suited for our origami plant pots and can be recycled several times without impact to its functionality. Recycled PP is robust meaning it will last a lifetime; unlike traditional plant pots, POTR Pots will not break if they are dropped or knocked.One of our goals has been to keep product mileage low by keeping production local. The production, assembly and fulfilment of our pots is carried out in Bristol and our key manufacturing method is die cutting - a low energy, cold production process. POTR Pots are simple to disassemble and their component parts are fully recyclable at the end of life. Our products are clearly marked with the appropriate recycling symbols making it simple for customers to know how and where to recycle the material.