Organic Vietnamese Seasoning Collection

Organic Vietnamese Seasoning Collection
Brand: Forrist
Size: One Size
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Become uplifted and entranced by the wonders of Vietnamese food with our Vietnamese Spices Collection. Renowned for its fresh, healthy and nourishing cuisine, Vietnamese cooking is ideal for those looking to fill their plates with flavour and fuel their bodies with natural goodness. Unlock the restorative magic of Vietnamese soups, stews and broths with fresh herbs like basil, coriander and mint, and the warm and aromatic blend of star anise, cardamom, fennel seeds and cinnamon.WHATS INSIDE?Organic Coriander 5gOrganic Basil 5gOrganic Ground Ginger 10gOrganic Garlic Granules 15gOrganic Lemongrass 5gOrganic Cardamom Pods 10gOrganic Whole Cloves 10gOrganic White PeppercornsOrganic Green Peppercorns 5gOrganic Star Anise 5gOrganic Ground Cinnamon 10gOrganic Chilli Flakes 10g not given The herbs and spices are packaged in reusable 30ml glass jars and beautifully packaged in a reusable & compostable corrugated box.