Organic Thai Seasoning Collection

Organic Thai Seasoning Collection
Brand: Forrist
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Dive in to the rich and expansive world of Thai cuisine with our Thai Spice Collection A cuisine which expertly balances the complimentary flavours and medicinal benefits of its ingredients. Cinnamon will add a revitalising sweet heat to your stews, whilst also reducing body temperature, whilst coriander seeds are the base of Thailand’s world-famous curry pastes, as well as acting as a natural appetite booster, perfect for enjoying a hearty feast. WHATS INSIDE?Organic Star Anise 5gOrganic Dill 5gOrganic Coriander Seeds 10gOrganic Ground Cumin 10gOrganic Hot Chilli Powder 10gOrganic Ground Ginger 10gOrganic Parsley 5gOrganic Green Peppercorns 5gOrganic Basil 5gOrganic Whole Cloves 10gOrganic Ground Black Peppercorns 10gFine Mediterranean Sea Salt 30g not given The herbs and spices are packaged in reusable 30ml glass jars and beautifully packaged in a reusable & compostable corrugated box.