Organic Mexican Seasoning Collection

Organic Mexican Seasoning Collection
Brand: Forrist
Size: One Size
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Enjoy all the fun and excitement of Mexican cooking with our Mexican Spices Collection. Loaded with all the ingredients you need to unlock the bold flavours of this celebrate cuisine and make amazing plant-based meals, from bean stews to burritos. The sweet intensity of cloves pairs perfectly with the fierce, fiery heat of chilli powder for an explosion of the senses, counter-played with the cool freshness of herbs like oregano and coriander.WHATS INSIDE?Organic Ground Cumin 10gOrganic Cayenne Pepper 15gOrganic Mace 10gOrganic Oregano 5gOrganic Onion Powder 15gOrganic Coriander 5gOrganic Hot Chilli Powder 10gOrganic Mild Chilli Powder 15gOrganic Paprika 10gOrganic Ground Black PeppercornsOrganic Ground Cloves 10gOrganic Allspice Berries 10gOrganic Bay Leaves 1g not given The herbs and spices are packaged in reusable 30ml glass jars and beautifully packaged in a reusable & compostable corrugated box.