Organic French Seasoning Collection

Organic French Seasoning Collection
Brand: Forrist
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A prestigious cuisine with an illustrious culinary history, demystify the daunting nature of French cooking with our French Spices Collection. From the delicate fines herbes to elegantly accentuate bolder flavours in your dish, to the more robust flavours of herbes de province, perfectly flavouring your ratatouille or mushroom bourguignon. French cooking is all about savouring each and every bite, and with our selection of spices, you will be doing just that, making gourmet dishes from the comfort of your home.WHATS INSIDE?Organic Tarragon 1gOrganic Chives 5gOrganic Chervil 5gOrganic Parsley 5gOrganic Oregano 5gOrganic Marjoram 5gOrganic Rosemary 10gOrganic Thyme 5gOrganic Lavender Flowers 5gOrganic Garlic Granules 15gOrganic Whole Nutmeg 10gOrganic Dill 5g not given The herbs and spices are packaged in reusable 30ml glass jars and beautifully packaged in a reusable & compostable corrugated box.