Online Breads Making Cookery Course Digital Product

Online Breads Making Cookery Course Digital Product
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Join a class in making delicious savoury and sweet flavoured breads, using fresh nutritious ingredients with fresh herbs. not given Making home made breads will eliminate the additives found in shop bought breads and this creative bread class will demonstrate what can be served with these savoury breads such as smashed avocado to a vegan shitake mushroom pate or a wasabi & watercress dip. This ONLINE evening cookery class is an introduction to making breads without yeast in an appetising simplistic way, providing healthy cooking tips and allowing you to adapt your existing recipes at home.The class will teach you about foods that are based on scientific knowledge of how they can help your body maintain optimum health and balancing your body.You will learn to cook three types of bread, two savoury and one sweet, using fresh and easily available ingredients. You will discover the medicinal benefits of carefully selected herbs and spices and how to incorporate them into dishes.Sample recipes include: Goat’s cheese, onion and potato bread with thymeRye, hazelnut & pumpkin seed breadSoda bread with fennel seeds & dried cranberriesVegan pumpkin breadFeta and olive breadParsley, walnut and cumin seed soda breadCarrot and orange loafLOCATION: Online via ZoomDURATION: 1.5 hoursWHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Ingredients list will be sent out beforehand for you to cook along with the virtual class. Basic cooking equipment including a blender and kitchen facilities required. Maximum 12 persons per class. Recipes can be adapted for your dietary requirements. VOUCHER DELIVERY. An e-voucher will be delivered to your registered e-mail address once your order has been accepted by the seller (normally 24-48 hours after purchase). You will be sent a pre-ingredient list when you order this class.CANCELLATION: The 14 day right to cancel does not apply once digital content has begun to be streamed or downloaded or the performance of the digital content has started.By commencing the streaming or downloading, you are waiving your 14 day cancellation right.