Obstacle Remover Candle

Obstacle Remover Candle
Brand: Etsy - DivinelyEmbodied
Color: Black
23.93 GBP
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If there is anything in your way of making your dream a reality & you are feeling blocked, then this is the perfect candle for you. Whether it be any type of situation or person that’s holding you back from achieving your goals or if you are searching for a new job & have been unsuccessful thus far, this candle can clear the way & remove all obstacles that are holding you back. 100% Hand poured Soy Wax Vessels will be CLEAR Crystals vary in size Important Disclaimer: Please note that all of our candles have herbs, should you be allergic to any kind of herbs, please do not purchase or should you want a candle without herbs, please kindly message me. You will then get a candle with its beautiful crystals only. We do not guarantee results of any ritual or spell work done with our products as they are only an aid. Your intention matters & will cause the working of a ritual or spell to happen. We will not be held responsible for any misuse of our products & buyers assume responsibility once purchased. Obstacle Remover Candle