New Mum Bath Essential Bath Salts Collection

New Mum Bath Essential Bath Salts Collection
Brand: Ma' House London
Size: One Size
100 GBP
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Chic, Simple, and Essential. The best gift to aid healing and aliviate postpartum pain in the vagina and perineum area. This gift pack contains our sought after pregnancy and postpartum bath salts, as well as our postpartum sitz bath infusion developed by Ma’ House and medical herbalists in London. These salts are basically mother nature looking after a woman’s body when it needs it the most. The herbs are carefully selected for their properties and benefits after birth including help with shrinking the uterus, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and healing benefits. The sitz bath herbs are a must for healing and soothing the perineal area particularly after an episiotomy or a tear. not given This luxurious Bath Salts Collection is beautifully packed with: 1 Pregnancy Bath Salts 300g1 Postnatal Bath Salts 300g1 Postpartum Sitz Bath Infusion 300g1 Hottea Mama Get up and Glow1 Natural Lip BalmThank you card