Monochrome Marbled Planter Set

Monochrome Marbled Planter Set
Brand: AIM Studio Co
Size: One Size
35 GBP
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Hand marbled to order, these contrasting monochrome planters are perfect for housing your indoor plants and look great in a set. 100% unique, these handmade plant pots feature an organic marbled pattern using contrasting hues of black and a striking white. Because of these hand marbling techniques, no two planters will ever be the same, giving each pot a completely unique quality that could never be replicated.The perfect housewarming gift for plant lovers, or to add some life to your working desk space.Ideal for smaller plants such as succulents, with an 8cm diameter. Contains 4 drainage holes in the bottom. Recommended to be placed in a dish to protect surfaces.Includes free gift wrapping in tissue paper and sealed with a sticker. You can choose from a white base with black marbling or a black base with white marbling. Or choose a set of two for one of each. Eco Resin