Money Konjure Rice

Money Konjure Rice
Brand: Etsy - KreativeVibrations
Color: Dark Olive
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Money Konjure Rice Rice has a history of being a physical tool of attracting what we would like to manifest. This intentionally crafted mixture of rice, herbs & magick is a perfect tool to add to any money, prosperity/abundance spells or New Moon rituals. Uses: There are many different ways you can put this rice to work for you. Carry the rice in your pocket, wallet or create a mojo bag to carry on you for money attraction. Sprinkle the rice in the corners of your home or place of business to bring prosperity. Place a jar of Money Konjure Rice behind your front & back door to attract luck. Dress your spell/ritual candles with your Konjure Rice when doing spell-related work Use any way you are guided by your own intuition One old Hoodoo practice says to wear the rice in your shoes for 3 days, then sprinkle it on the floor, & sweep it out the front door to make money come into the house. Our Konjure Rice comes in a resealable baggy of 1.5 oz. Each batch is prepare during a moon cycle, blessed & charged. Keep in mind the real magick happens & starts with you. You have to believe in your work & see it as it is already done. Legal Disclaimer: Due to the nature & purpose of my products, I am required to inform you that all products are sold as curios/entertainment only….these products are not guaranteed to provide any specific results. Money Konjure Rice