Money Blessings Candle Intent Oil

Money Blessings Candle Intent Oil
Brand: Etsy - ProperIntentByLulu
Color: Grey
15.61 GBP
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This candle oil WITH REAL MONEY, for Money Blessings is infused with Cloves, one of the most used herbs for protection of riches. If your looking to enhance your abundance, free up blockages & protect your funds, this oil is perfect for you. Please keep in mind, putting forth the effort is also needed to. USES -Inside the wrist to draw money in -Financial Blockages / Jinx -Protection of money, blocks financial difficulties wished upon you. -Luck & success -Abundance -Free creativity blockages that could help you make more money INGREDIENTS INSIDE BOTTLE Real money, Allspice, Cloves, Cinnamon, Lemon Grass, Basil, Alfalfa, Ruda, Chamomile, Black Salt, Sea Shell, Crystals INGREDIENTS INFUSED in OIL All above mentioned,nettle, caledula & other herbs associated with the above mentioned uses. ALL INGREDIENTS WERE CHOSE STRICTLY FOR THEIR HERBAL MAGIC USES in MONEY BLESSINGS, BLOCKAGES/JINx & PROTECTIONS. FULL 1 FL OUNCE Money Blessings Candle Intent Oil