Mini Prosperity Spell Bottle Pendant

Mini Prosperity Spell Bottle Pendant
Brand: Etsy - MoonMysticGoddess
Color: Grey
Size: custom
16.64 GBP
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Mini Prosperity Spell Bottle Pendant (1.5 X .5 inches with 24 inch chain) This listing is for a prosperity spell pendant necklace. Each one is crafted with fresh herbs & flowers & contain genuine crystal gemstones Each pendant comes with a 24 inch chain. How Spell Bottles Work - Keep the spell bottle in your room, home, office, or wear it! -The spell bottle can be passed along to others, the spell will work on whoever the jar belongs to. They make wonderful gifts -If the spell bottle breaks, don’t panic. Just carefully discard the glass & bury the contents close to home to protect the spell. Each spell bottle is unique because it is handcrafted using natural ingredients carefully selected by me. No two jars will look exactly alike. Disclaimer All metaphysical information provided by Moon Mystic Goddess is solely for spiritual purposes & should not be used for medical advice or treatment. Consult a licensed healthcare professional for any medical concerns you may have. Mini Prosperity Spell Bottle Pendant