Metal Trug With Handle

Metal Trug With Handle
Brand: Seed Tube
Size: One Size
15.5 GBP
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A distressed metal trug with a wooden carry handle This stunning trug is ideal for collecting flowers and plant cuttings, ornamental value as well as for harvesting your homegrown fruit, vegetables and herbs. They can also be used to create a lovely indoor table display, for example at Halloween or Christmas. . A perfect gift for that special person. A rustic decorative metal trug with a wooden carry handle.Perfect for placing in any kitchen with a Country Charm setting. It looks stunning with dried flowers, plants or herbs in. (Please note handles are not fixed). They also look stunning with a Christmas Festive Decoration in. Adding houseplants to a room is a quick and easy way to spruce up your decor, and when it comes to the kitchen, growing plants indoors can have some practical applications too. The right plant can help purify the air and add a splash of colour to any room. metalwood