Mason Jar Hydroponics - Grow Kit

Mason Jar Hydroponics - Grow Kit
Brand: Etsy - 3DHydroDesignCo
Color: Black
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Grow your own hydroponic herbs, veggies, & much much more! Pair with our Mason Jar Sleeves for a stylish hydroponic planter: Kit includes one 3 Net Cup, Clay Pebbles, Rapid Rooting Seed Starters, & 1 Tablespoon Plant Food (select Veggie Blend, Fruit Blend, or Both). You provide your own wide mouth mason jar. To start seeds rinse Pebbles & Seed Starter thoroughly, put seeds in Rapid Rooting Seed Starter, place Seed Starter in Net Cup & fill with clay pebbles, leave opening clear for seed to sprout, install Net Cup in mason jar, & screw on lid. Once the seed sprouts & roots are visible mix 1/4 tsp of plant food with 32oz of water. Kit comes with enough plant food to treat 384oz of water. Fill jar up to just below the bottom of the plant roots. Cover jar to protect roots from sunlight. As you watch your plants grow, periodically check water level & top up as needed. Does not include mason jar or seeds. Mason Jar Hydroponics - Grow Kit