Luxury Tea For Six Months

Luxury Tea For Six Months
Brand: Quintessentially English
Size: One Size
60 GBP
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Our luxury tea blends are hand picked by a family who have worked in the tea industry for generations. With this tea subscription, on the first day of each month we will send you a different luxury blend, an ideal gift for regular tea drinkers, especially those who love variety. Each of our tea blends is different in flavour and appearance, providing you with a nice surprise once a month!Making a tea infusion is a way of extracting the active ingredients of a herb or tea into an easy to digest form. To make a perfect cup of fine tea for one person, you will need a teapot or cafetiere, 750ml of spring water and top quality dried herbs/tea depending on how strong you want your tea to be.This tea subscription is 12 months long, in total you will receive 12 bags of tea at 50g each. You may choose to upgrade your subscription to 100g per month in the options menu, at an increased price. not given Each tea is blended with different fruits, herbs, and spices. Please let us know if you have any allergies.