Love Me Spell Jar | Manifestation Jars

Love Me Spell Jar | Manifestation Jars
Brand: Etsy - AwakeNutrition
Color: Pink
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Looking for romance can be daunting, so why not get a little help? Our LOVE ME jar is handmade with all of the right ingredients & intention to draw love to you. It contains herbs like Rosemary for fidelity, Cinnamon for lust & attentiveness, & the aphrodisiac herb Saffron for passion. It also contains White kosher coarse salt, excellent for purification, protection & boundaries. Placed out in the open or hidden away, the LOVE ME jar is intended to bring romance to its owner. Once you have found your lover, you can keep the jar around to continue drawing passion into your relationship. Your jar will come with a Pink Candle & sealing instructions, so that you may add your personalized intention to the jar prior to sealing. Manifest your lover!! Love Me Spell Jar | Manifestation Jars