Lot Of 500 Seeds Celery Branch D'elne

Lot Of 500 Seeds Celery Branch D'elne
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The celery is a plant which fell into oblivion for a moment, but which gradually becomes again a common vegetable of our tables. Until the Renaissance, celery was used not as a vegetable, but as a medicinal plant for its many health benefits. Its sweet & savory taste will enhance your dishes of all kinds. The seeds of celery branch of Elne produce a stubby foliage high of 50 cm as well as an abundance of round, green & fleshy ribs. Sowing: February to May. Harvest: August to November. Celery seeds like fresh soil with humus. You can start sowing the seeds under cover for the months of February & April or from May to April in the open ground if the weather is suitable. Bury your seeds 2 cm deep under a humidified & compacted soil in a sunny place. When your small plants have 3 to 4 leaves, proceed to the first transplanting in cups then make a second transplanting when they reach 8 to 10 leaves. Harvesting is done from the end of the summer until November, depending on the period of your seedlings. Lot Of 500 Seeds Celery Branch D’elne